Frequently asked questions


Q:      Can I go swimming with my new tattoo?

A:       No, you really shouldn't until it's healed. Ocean water has high levels of bacteria, which could

          potentially cause a staff infection in your tattoo.

          Swimming pools and hot tubs are doused with chlorine and other chemicals which could

          affect the healing of your tattoo as well.



Q:      Can someone sign for me if I'm under 18?

A:       Absolutely not. South Carolina Law prohibits the tattooing of anyone under the age of 18.



Q:      Can I donate blood after getting a tattoo?

A:       Yes. In South Carolina, you can. The American Association of Blood Banks requires a donor

           to wait 12 months after getting a tattoo UNLESS the tattoo is performed

           in a facility monitored by a State Health Organization, utilizing new sterile needles for each

           customer. All South Carolina tattoo facilities are monitored and inspected by SCDHEC.



Q:       Can you give me a price over the phone?

A:        Unfortunately, no. There are so many variables between what you describe

            and what the end product will be,

            that there is no way we can give a price until we have all the information we need.

           This often means we have to physically see what we're going to put on you before we can price it.



Q:       I have a tattoo that I'm not pleased with. Can you fix it?

A:        Absolutely. We specialize in repairing and covering "misfit" tattoos.



Q:      How do I know if I have an infection in my tattoo?

A:      If you have any doubts at all, first thing to do is come see us. We can diagnose your tattoo

         better than a doctor, believe it or not. Often people have allergic reactions to the ointments

         that they use for healing, and mistake this for an infection. Doctors are not trained in how a tattoo

        heals, nor what is used in the tattoo process. A doctor usually will immediately prescribe antibiotics

         that can harm the tattoo. Sometimes simply changing what you're using will clear the area right up.

         We here at Aces High have been trained not only in the application of tattoos, but also how they

         heal, and can diagnose any problems you may have with the healing process. We will recommend

         you to a doctor if you need one, but often you don't.