When your artist finishes your tattoo, they'll put a bandage over it. Under NO circumstances should you remove the bandage while still in the facility.


After an hour or two, but not more than 4 hours, remove the bandage.


Wash your tattoo with a mild soap and water. Antibacterial soap is not recommended, because it kills the good germs on the skin surface that help you heal.


Gently dab the tattoo dry.


Allow your tattoo to air dry for about 15 minutes before applying ointment, otherwise the moisture left in the pores will prohibit the ointment from absorbing into the skin.


Apply a very light coat of A&D ointment or Aquaphor. If the tattoo looks shiny or feels greasy afterward, dab it gently a couple of times with a clean paper towel to remove the excess.


*IMPORTANT NOTE* Do NOT use an antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin or Neosporin on your tattoo, no matter who tells you it's okay.


Your tattoo should be kept moist, but still be able to breathe. It's better to moisten it more often than to put too much ointment on it at one time.


Reapply the ointment 3-4 times daily for the first 3 days.


After the first 3 days, switch from ointment to a good quality hand lotion, such as Nutrigina or Curel, and continue to keep the tattoo lightly moisturized until it's completely healed. Usually 7-10 days.


After the first couple of days, you'll notice your tattoo begin to peel, like a sunburn. This is normal. Please don't think your tattoo is falling off!


Showers are fine, but do not soak your new tattoo. No ocean water, swimming pools, hot tubs, candle-lit bubble baths or tanning beds until your tattoo is healed.


An important thing to note here is to be very careful with your new tattoo, especially if you have pets or work with chemicals or petroleum products.

Pet dander is the #1 cause of staph infections in tattoos, so if your cat or dog sleeps on the couch, dont lie on the couch with your tattoo exposed!

Antifreeze, transmission fluid and other chemicals should not be exposed to a tattoo. Mechanics, please be careful.


Your artist worked hard to insure a beautiful tattoo that will be with you for life, please take care of it!