For the highest quality tattoos in Myrtle Beach, look no further than Aces High Tattoo. Ours is a traditional tattoo shop. No frills, no discount coupons, free limo rides or other gimmicks. Just great quality tattooing in the safest environment in Myrtle Beach. Our artists are highly qualified to answer any questions you might have regarding the tattoo procedure and healing process. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Certified by South Carolina Department of Health, and have the highest customer ratings in our field. In just our first 2 years, we've expanded and doubled the size of our shop to better serve our customers.


You will be greeted at Aces High, not ignored. We're just as excited about doing a simple design as we are about doing large scale custom work. Aces High is a fun, comfortable shop, with a "Hot rod" kind of theme. We built our shop around our customers, and tried to build the kind of place that everyone would want to hang out in.  As soon as you enter our facility, you'll notice we don't have closed in rooms or clutter. By providing an open floor plan, you'll actually be able to see someone getting tattooed in front of you. People who come in together are able to talk and have fun with each other while getting tattooed. State regulations dictate that we must keep our sterilization area closed to customers, so we installed glass doors so our customers can see for themselves the hospital-grade sterilization area. We come in early every morning to ensure the shop is cleaned and mopped and everything shines.


Our hours of operation are from noon through 9PM, every day except Sunday. Sundays we're open until 6PM. That is, unless we're still having customers walk through the door. We'll stay as late as necessary to insure every customer is taken care of. With 7 qualified artists in our shop, there is normally no wait. In the event that we're busy, your tattoo will be done just as soon as we can get to it. Patience is key here, because you wouldn't want us to rush your tattoo, and we wont rush the one in front of you. We will be open til midnight on Fridays and Saturdays from Memorial Day until Labor Day.


Our artists' portfolios are on display in the lobby of the shop, and we encourage you to view them. You'll see that all of our artists have a unique style, and you can choose who you'd like to do your tattoo based on examples of their work. If you have a tattoo that you're just not happy with, our artists are trained to do expert repair and cover up work. We wont try to sell you on something you don't want or need, but we'll give you examples of what will work with what you already have. We'll also take the time to explain WHY something will or will not work.


All of these things combined are in place to ensure you that you'll get the best tattoo, the best treatment, the most fair price and the most fun experience at Aces High Tattoo than anywhere else in Myrtle Beach! When you know the difference, you'll come to Aces High!